We all can have an easy time and avoid Doing things with reluctance. Our reluctance will only make us uneasy. For instance, we will feel good when we can get things done with only 30 per cent of the efforts we made in preparation but we will not feel good if we are only 30 per cent prepared for something that we end up exerting 100 per cent of our efforts. Let us always remember to give aurselves an easy time by leaving room for manoeuver.

Imagine we are about to sall the sea. We must be well prepared, lest we get in trouble, feel stressed or lost when we come across odd situations such as uncertainty about the course ahead, mechanical breakdown, or distressful extreme weather conditions.

Why do so many of us do not feel OK? We anticipate too much, we want things to happen only in certain ways. So when things do not happen exactly the way we anticipated, a feeling of mismatch arises in our mind.

"What can I do now? ” Think about this first.

Do what we can; Help and support others in every way we can - once we do these, we will always end up with a good match and not with a single mismatch. Yet, if we demand a certain outcome or anticipate it, then we are sure to be overwhelmed with mismatches: Our main trouble comes fram the fact that we have fixed expectations for our surroundings. or conditions and for ourselves. We have too many hopes for our living environment and for others. We are then giving way to endless troubles and we never feel OK.

Let us seek ways from the wise and the en-lightened. "if a being can be saved in certain form of life. I will manifest in that form and teach him the dharma" is a simple method. I won't do what does not need to be done for your sake, I will provide help and support that I am capable of only when you need it. Then there will be no reason for any mismatch to take place. No matter how you deal with me; I will let you bring forth the enlightenment mind (Bodhicitta)".

How can we ever have any mismatch? With this simple solution for all things in their com plexity, we shall make things simple.

Once we make things simple, both body and heart will relax and we will never end up with any mismatch. I will do what I can and, for those I cannot, I will just leave it.

There is not any reluctance there Otherwise, there will always be reluctance, feelings demanded or forced in our heart.

The wise and the enlightened never demand anything from you . "I'm lacking of... I'm nothing for ourselves. Our best preparations lie attached to..., I'm lost..., I'm demanding..., I'm in doing what we can for others. Simply ignore opposing..." an average person always asks you to do one thing or another.

This is what sets apart an average person and an enlightened one.

Learn and practice the motivation and actions of the wise and enlightened. Seek nothing for ourselves. Our best preparation lie in doing what we can for others. Simply ignore the rest. It's as simple as that. And we shall always end up with good matches . The source of our troubles will disappear.

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