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The opposite of love is not hate, but forgetting

The opposite of love is not hate, but indifference.

From loving someone and something to hating someone and something, the character of love itself has not changed, but it has changed from an open and positive form to a hidden twist. Therefore, the opposite of love is not hate, but indifferent forgetting, never to be mentioned again.

In the same way, the opposite of torment is not revelry, but the tranquility of the mind, the cessation of desire, the cessation of desire. This is the real way of liberation. Indulgent orgy is nothing but a painful reenactment in a flamboyant garb, and its final outcome is a deeper continuation of the pain. Such as drinking salt water [...]

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Beautiful scenery of Hungary

Colorful and beautiful cities, towns with a long history, and rustic villages form a unique landscape in Hungary.

If you think visiting them is a must for you, so do we. Therefore, we have prepared important things for you in advance. Find out about these cities from our website and choose the places we have carefully selected for you, you will have no regrets.

Wines Selected From The Best Wineries

Hungary has 6 major wine-producing regions. Different geological, soil and climatic environments make the wines produced in each region have their own flavors.

In order to help you choose the best wines, our sommeliers have traveled all over Hungary's wine-producing regions, and have been selected the best products from hundreds of wineries for you.

In addition to making red wine, each winery has its own history and story, which is also worth savoring.



We only select the most representative and high-quality wineries and wines



The hotel we chose was not the most expensive, but it was the most worthwhile experience.



We only select the most Hungarian restaurants and the taste must be pure

Gál Tibor Egri Bikavér Superior 2019

3450 ft

Best Price

120 000

Bottle Number

Blending of Kékfrankos, Syrah, Cabernet franc, Pinot noir, the varieties matured separately in 500-liter barrels and were blended after one year. Really expressive, characterful and at the same time velvety texture, with fine spices and fruits.

Real taste of hungary wine

Best Collection of Wines

From hundreds of cities and merchants, we only choose the best product or service for you. We believe that you will not regrets for taking any of them.

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    Stories of Hungary

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