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Winemaking is a heritage and I suddenly fell into it. At first I only saw the responsibility in it, and over time I came to understand that the path is mine. This is exactly the life I want to live. I want to creation!

Today, I manage the vineyard, manage and complete all stages of winemaking in the cellar. I'm already enjoying it. I try to continually educate myself and take the time to understand the unique properties of grapes and use them to create the perfect grape. This is my essence. It's not just about wine. I am constantly innovating and planning in wineries, wines and the Eger wine region.

Tradition, the past and my father are very important to me. What I inherited from him is definitely the spirit of adventure. I don't think the golden mean is the right decision, I believe in the power of surprise. That's exactly why I love winemaking because I can express all my thoughts and ideas freely.


Tibor Gál wines are made with the philosophy that the best things in life - including wine - should be enjoyed and appreciated. Our passion is to create wines that are unique, harmonious and exciting with every sip.

We strive to be innovative with our wines but follow tradition. We respect the nature that provides homes for plants, so we aim to minimise our harmful impact on the environment. We have embarked on the path of organic viticulture and this journey has meant and taught us a lot.

We wanted to be as natural as possible without sacrificing quality, but we didn't want to be mediocre. We make sure that what we create is expressive, refined, exciting and honest.



The winery celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2018. Tibor Gál Jr. has confidently managed the winery for more than a decade. 

Nowadays, our wines are meant to reflect the volcanic soil properties of Eger, which we make with organic efforts. Most of our wines are blends based on local varieties. Our hospitality expands and changes year by year. Not only the Gál Tibor Fúzió, but also the Gál Tibor Doboz is the jewel of the winery, which is located in the most authentic place of Eger, in the Szépasszony Valley. 

We owe the winery's image to contemporary graphic designer Géza Ipacs, the Fúzió and Doboz buildings to Dénes Fajcsák and the Arkt design team.


The symbol of Tibor Gál Winery is the labyrinth. An Italian baroness designed this figure for us, which represents the labyrinthine cellar systems under Eger. By a twist of fate, in the Tibor Gál Fúzio, the brick arches above our heads are also outlined in a labyrinth.

"In order for a person to enter a labyrinth or figure it out, it always required excellent powers of observation and orientation, a tendency to overcome difficulties and a certain amount of time - and each person has these qualities to varying degrees. It is not difficult to recognize in this path, which requires serious preparation, the abstract equivalent of the human life path, and that, in a deeper sense, the center of the labyrinth symbolizes the attainment of greater awareness and knowledge."

For us, making wine is an equally complicated, mysterious and exciting journey.

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We located at a legendary Hungarian city, Eger, 130 km from Budapest, awaits you with thousands of years of history, a baroque setting, fine wine, hospitality and a colourful programme.

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